Integrated Livestock & Agro Tourism

Situated at the foothill of Mount Kinabalu, a World Heritage, and at 5,000ft above sea level, we are the only temperate highland dairy farm in Malaysia with pure bred Holstein Friesian herd.

Desa has successfully developed and integrated Agro-Tourism business into its Dairy Livestock business operation as part of its business sustainability and marketing strategy to generate additional value from Desa Kundasang prime land, increase product margin and provide greater transparency and consumer education on Desa milk production processes and premium quality of   products.

Integrated Livestock

As a fully integrated dairy livestock producer, we are able to control the management of our product quality along the supply chain from feed, animal health and production of milk, processing and distribution. Our fresh milk meets the premium quality standard of European countries.

Agro Tourism

We offer enjoyable and educational dairy farm experience to our farm visitors which are growing in numbers over the years.